I make bespoke handmade sculptures to order, which are limited edition. They are available in different sizes between 13cm to 18cm and 18cm to 30cm. They are available in bronze, aluminium or copper resins finishes, alternately they can be made from cast urethane with a variety of bespoke paint finishes, colours or metallic finishes. Polymer stone finishes are also available.

I make Personal portraits  of loved ones and pets. I can create custom sculptures from photographs, which can be sent to my email address below, we can discuss the details of the commission, required finish , size and cost.

All sculptures are made to order and are hand made with a very personal touch. The artist Peter Salmon has the talent and skill to make your 2D personal images into beautiful personal 3D sculptures.

Some Sculptures are made to order and these are called commissioned sculptures. A commission is an interpretation of the agreed subject or idea discussed between the client and the Artist Peter Salmon.

The client will see a photograph of the finished commissioned sculpture before being shipped, if changes need to be made, only two changes can be made, any major ongoing changes will accrue an extra fee for time spent and materials used.

Please get in touch

To discuss your new project and any previous ones, please fill out the contact form or give me a call on +44 7739562752